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Eva Schmutterer's appreciation for paper and its versatility began to develop at an early age when, as a young girl, she often watched her grandmother make cards and gifts out of paper.

In 1997, Eva left her home in Nuremberg, Germany, to begin a new life in Kamøyvær with her husband and a stray cat. While the transition to life in such a remote part of the world was initially challenging, she now feels quite at home.


Each of Eva's originals begins with a sketch made during walks around the island.

When a sketch is finished, she begins to cut and paste.

Eva can spend hours searching through her collection of old magazines to find pieces with the right colour and shading. She gradually builds the picture by glueing each piece one-by-one to the back, which helps her to achieve a quality of depth.


 Eva has also written four books. Three are available in English.
Factual or fictional -- they all highlight the North Cape island.

When he fails to return from his summer holidays at the North Cape, Father Christmas goes off to look for him.

Rudi has found the love of his life in the beautiful globe flower meadows of the North Cape and can no longer carry out his duties for Father Christmas.

Then something unexpected happens!
His job with Father Christmas is saved.

Also available in German

This is a part of the globe that has little in common with the rest of Europe, an unspoilt landscape created in a time that is almost unimaginable. It is a region where in summer there is snow on the hills - last year's or even this year's - where in winter the Northern Lights brighten up the sunless sky for short moments, where cloudberries and reindeer moss grow, and where each little tree barely six feet high is regarded as a minor sensation. The clocks in the colourful wooden houses even seem to be a bit slower than usual...

Also available in French, German, and Spanish

The myth of the North has attracted countless travellers over the centuries. The countries these travellers hailed from were as varied as their motives for embarking on such adventures in the first place, whether it was in the hope of making new discoveries or achieving fame or fortune; a thirst for knowledge or a longing for the unknown...

Also available in German